Visual Thinking

  • People are visual before verbal: visuals make more impact and memory
  • More inclusive for nonlinear thinkers, introverts, marginalized folks who might not speak up
  • When something is written during a meeting (like on a whiteboard) it helps people feel heard and seen
  • Visuals give space for complexity in a system, revealing a more accurate picture 
“I’m amazed you are able to put all of these things together –  you are so organized.”
-Nonprofit staffer

There are many fun photos in this section – click on the dots or arrows to see them!

Organizational Clarity

Simple, colorful drawings tend to shift overwhelming feelings, complex relationships and nuanced ideas into something more approachable. I often take what I hear from a group and bring it back in a new visual format.


I teach leaders how to bring visual facilitation into their meetings. And I teach workshops based in visual thinking. Often these are reflection-based activities for personal or professional settings. For organizations we might map power dynamics, information flows, strategies or visions that can bring new insights and reveal blocks or places to focus. For personal learning, I lead people in mapping out their life stories, skills, lessons learned or visions.