Thought Partner

Isn’t it great to have a knowledgeable, compassionate buddy to think things through?  I help fellow facilitators, consultants and visionary organizational leaders sort through dynamics, plan meetings, bring new life to sticky situations, and even step in to co-facilitate complex meetings.

“Your insights are spot on.”
-Community leader

Supporting Visionary Leaders

I’ve worked with a number of founders/leaders who just needed someone to talk to. Whether it was mapping interpersonal dynamics or working out how to build a new board, I adapt to each person’s style and needs.

Starting a project takes serious commitment to navigate the logistical, visionary, interpersonal and structural components of an idea. As a co-founder and leader of a number of non-profits and collective projects, I have experience and compassion for the many nuances and hard work it takes!

I wondered if you had some time next week to chat? I’m working on some things and could really use some suggestions and assistance with delivery and buy in.”
-Company VP

Co-Facilitator Support

I love when a fellow facilitator calls me up to ask for ideas on how to open a meeting, draw out new ideas in a group, or bring visual components to a conversation. I can also just be a compassionate listener, confidant and support for other consultants.

Jenny is a superb thought partner — always bringing great observations, questions and ideas to my meeting and process design work. I love being able to draw on her combination of deep experience and playfulness, and her gift for creating visuals that help participants see the shape of things and access their own creativity. She is also a great co-facilitator for retreats or other long meetings, bringing her contagious energy and enthusiasm to the group, and flexibility and creativity to the facilitation partnership.
-Tasha Harmon, Consultant