With every interaction, I weave people, patterns and a sense that we are in the movement of movements together — each in our unique way.


Honey Ranch Community

White Arts Leaders Confronting Racism

Photo of Jenny smiling and pointing at a large, colorful piece of paper

Your delivery is strong and at the same time compassionate and not condescending in any way. You seem so knowledgeable and plugged into every little nuance that I would probably want to seek your advice on most decisions we might come up against. The information was amazing and I totally appreciate your time and energy in this.
-Board training participant

Infectious enthusiasm combined with constant positivity and a willingness to go wherever needed in the process.
-Intentional community member

You have a great ability to listen, and to hear and then synthesize thoughts and feelings into the topics at hand, or find the appropriate container to place them in.
-Nonprofit leader

You always seem to keep it fun with the various games, exercises, and activities that you engage the group in.
-Retreat participant

Photo of a zoom meeting with 13 people smiling and waving at the camera

You’re providing some secret sauce in this process.
-Nonprofit staffer

Meeting you was a reminder of how powerful and healing community work can be. Thank you, again.
-Intentional community member

Photo of a group of a dozen people sitting in a circle watching three people do a song and dance to explain one of their organizational goals.

We’ve had so much heaviness and tension. Everyone left the last meeting with you laughing and having fun and saying it was such a good meeting. I realized how important that is.
-Co-op board member

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this meeting. I didn’t expect you to come prepared with ideas so well thought through. You had really interesting structured activities and so different from what I had been thinking. You inspired the s*** out of me with this idea.
-Nonprofit leader in peer cohort

Thank you, thank you for your leadership and continued curiosity around so many important issues for the agency and the good of our community.
-ODHS program manager

Photo of three people, two of whom are sitting in wheelchairs, holding paper and pens and smiling at the camera.

You listen in a way that’s meaningful. I feel safe.
-Retreat participant

You are so resourceful – always able to pull from a bottomless tool chest to help individuals and exercises.
-Nonprofit staffer

You move the energy level and confidence level of the group.
-Nonprofit leader

You are very insightful and were able to peel away the layers of a lot of what was discussed to reveal deeper truths.
-Intentional community member

Photo looking down at four people sitting at a picnic table with a large piece of paper between them, with everyone holding colorful markers as they draw their conversation onto the paper.

I appreciate you so much and your enlightened and inspiring leadership through this process. I so love your energy!
-Multnomah County program manager

Many thanks for your assistance with our community. It was crucially important and masterfully done.
-Ecovillage resident

Photo of a young girl standing and smiling at the camera while two adults sit on the floor drawing a large image of their organizational vision.

The balance of urgency and patience is right.
-Nonprofit volunteer

It’s very encouraging being in a meeting with you. Obviously you are in service and you are open to suggestions.
-Nonprofit volunteer

Personally, as a retired small business consultant I would like to say that I evaluate your work as top notch.
-Co-op Board member

I thought that your and Rain’s skills, planning and preparation for the sessions reflected the highest level of care, thoughtfulness, compassion, as well as strategy. You were given a tall order, in terms addressing the needs not only for trauma recovery and healing, but also the need for preparedness and identifying new community infrastructure that could be developed. The way you balanced and juggled all of these needs was amazing and pretty mind-blowing, actually. We covered a lot of ground, and you all led us through it in a way that did not feel rushed or frantic. It felt spacious and generous at every step. And that speaks to the incredible level of skill and emotional presence that you both were able to maintain, even while following a pretty tight agenda. I can’t even think of what could have been done better. I felt like the whole process was just loaded with care and intention from start to finish.
-Intentional community member

Photo of about a dozen people talking in pairs during an activity in a meeting.

It feels good to say things that are hard to say to people who can hear them.
-Nonprofit leader

What you just articulated, we would never say in a corporate setting, but just what we needed to hear. Your organizing experience shows up here and is critical for our cultural creation.
-Company leader

Photo of ten people sitting in a circle listening to Jenny explaining an activity during a retreat.

Flexibility both in scheduling and in the moment to moment group process unfolding.
-Community leader

Thank you so much for bringing a well-informed outside perspective. It’s really helpful to our Equity team.
-Nonprofit leader

I cried at D’s intro at that meeting. For him to be vulnerable and say he sees it [patriarchy/power-over] in himself – you’ve done amazing things. People were waiting for D to say s*** and instead he owned his stuff. Brilliant, powerful. You are amazing.
-Nonprofit leader

You helped me take myself more seriously. This would have taken me months to do and we did it in just a few hours.
-Life mapping workshop participant

Your personality, love, kindness, and patience cultivated a lot of trust which led to openness and vulnerability in the group.
-Community member in conflict resolution process

Our school parent community was fractured around what our masking policy should be for the 2023-24 school, and we looked for a facilitator to help us work through the issues. Luckily, we found Jenny Leis! From the very start of the process, Jenny was collaborative, insightful, positive, and most of all, really listened to understand our community and situation. We were unsure how this would work out, but with skillful guidance, targeted activities, and kind honesty, Jenny helped us come to a resolution that was beyond what we expected. Not only did we bring our community closer, and ignite a desire to build a strong parent body again, but we wrote our sick/mask policy during the sessions! It was remarkable. Jenny used humor, personal stories, kind and honest communication, organization, and flexibility to the fluid and changing atmosphere to guide us to our goals. We had many comments from our parents about how effective the sessions were, and specifically about how good Jenny was. We cannot recommend Jenny highly enough.
-John Warton, Executive Director Venn Academy