Peer Cohorts

I design peer cohorts for deep, vulnerable learning. Whether a white anti-racism affinity space, a nonprofit leadership cohort, or group of activists putting intention into plans, gathering with peers is energizing and effective!
“It was so helpful to present a real-life conundrum and take that learning back to my organization, and then I learned even more when I was able to dig into other people’s conundrums and hear feedback from the group in a different way. You have built something very special, but also something that is very effective – thank you for your time, care, and dedication.
-Nonprofit leader and participant in anti-racism cohort

At the end of virtually every peer learning meeting, the energy is palpable. People report that they feel resourced, nourished, challenged, cared for, full of new ideas, and connected to networks of support. How refreshing!

When people can let their guard down, ask the “awkward” questions and discuss complex ideas without being defensive, there is so much room for creativity, real connection and transformative action!

I often use a model where we balance deep dives into topics with participants’ organizational “conundrums” that serve as case studies for putting theory to practice. With a team of support, people often discover new ideas and courage!