Time is precious when a group gets together to reflect and move forward on their journey. Whether it’s strategic planning, teambuilding or a complex issue, I bring connection, fun and clear focus to retreats.
“You do well with time management, rolling with what’s needed, pushing things along when appropriate, and shifting the agenda as time dictates.”
-Intentional community founder

Sparkle and Glue

RAPID disability justice nonprofit asked me to bring connection, depth and a continuity of experience for the participants in their 3-day retreat.

I planned activities to fill the in-between times, create cohesion, support a diversity of involvement styles, lead a goal setting exercise and bring fun and joy!

See the photos and captions for some of the “sparkle and glue” I created.

Connection and Strategy

A local company asked me to facilitate their first in-person, post-pandemic day-long meetings. In these very dynamic days we started with gentle human reconnection and games, evolved to grapple with the company’s big strategic questions, explored leadership and participation styles, and advanced the group’s DEI work. There was laughter, deep conversation, joy and strategic movement forward. People had a great time!

Intentional Communities

I’ve lived in intentional communities for 20+ years, visited many, and wrote my college thesis about them. I am well versed the needs of many communities and happy to help groups live vibrantly together!

Retreat days with communities can take many directions: strategic visioning, relationship building, exploration of interpersonal tension or tricky dynamics, learning about decision-making, or simply bringing new life into shared work!