weaving systems

With every interaction, I weave people, patterns and a sense that we are in the movement of movements together — each in our unique way.

Below are some testimonial about my work!

“You listen in a way that’s meaningful. I feel safe. ” –retreat participant

“You helped me take myself more seriously. This would have taken me months to do and we did it in just a few hours. ” –skill mapping workshop participant

“We’ve had so much heaviness and tension. Everyone left the last meeting with you laughing and having fun and saying it was such a good meeting. I realized how important that is.” –organization leader

” I can’t tell you how excited about this I am. I didn’t expect you to come prepared with ideas so well thought through. You had really interesting structured activities and so different from what I had been thinking. You inspired the s*** out of me with this idea.” –organization leader, after planning a meeting together

This came to me from an organization’s founder after our three-day retreat together:

Shining Moments & Contributions
Infectious enthusiasm combined with constant positivity and a willingness to go wherever needed in the process
Flexibility both in scheduling and in the moment to moment group process unfolding
You are so resourceful – always able to pull from a bottomless tool chest to help individuals and exercises
You have so much experiential wisdom and examples to draw from and provide – very helpful in understanding and formulating ideas and practices
You always seem to keep it fun with the various games, exercises, and activities that you engage the group in
You have a great ability to listen, and to hear and then synthesize thoughts and feelings into the topics at hand, or find the appropriate container to place them in
You do well with time management, rolling with what’s needed, and pushing things along when appropriate, and shifting the agenda as time dictates
It was very helpful to have you writing down so much of what was talked about – you took on the note-taker role as you facilitated and guided, very impressive!
Your personality, love, kindness, and patience cultivated a lot of trust which led to openness and vulnerability in the group.
You are very insightful and were able to peel away the layers of a lot of what was discussed to reveal deeper truths.

Reflections after the St. Johns Community Conversations about a very controversial houseless-people village proposing to move into the neighborhood:

“Feels good to feel safe to express concerns.”
“I learned there is a lot of goodwill in this group and I will stay with this process.”
“It’s refreshing to see where our commonalities are even though we have big differences.”
“The problems are enormous but I now see the solutions are here.”
“With 15 groups here, it’s pretty unique that we can collaborate without agreeing on everything.”
“I’m grateful for this heartfelt conversation.”
“I have more empathy for the fears and concerns that I didn’t want to hear.”
“These conversations will carry us through other hard discussions in our future.”
“We need to do this conversation process with a lot more people.”