My visual resume

Jenny is a spark of enthusiasm! She has 20-years experience developing organizational systems for grassroots non-profits, facilitating collective group process, managing volunteers, organizing campaigns, raising funds and hosting events. Immersed in the “movement of movements” since 2001, she is inspired and informed by innovative social change efforts that foreground healthy group process as a necessary foundation for creating external change.

Jenny’s master’s degree in Whole Systems Design is accompanied by decades of practical experience in learning what makes groups and individuals thrive. Over the past several years, she has deepened her commitment to anti-oppression and is working to better understand and change both the systems and behaviors that perpetuate oppression.

After a decade of working with small non-profits, Jenny is now focusing her skills, energy and experience on facilitating, teaching and supporting individual and group changemakers. She specializes in consensus decision-making, visual thinking (translating ideas into folk graphics), facilitated reflection, and helping people thrive (even have fun!) as they navigate complex social and interpersonal issues. Her teaching style is based in compassion for the hard work of social change, lighthearted silliness, interactive activities and commitment to healthy communication.

Jenny lives in the Cedar Moon intentional community located at Tryon Life Community Farm (www.tryonfarm.org), a seven-acre non-profit sustainability/anti-oppression education center, which she co-founded in 2005. She recognizes this is the stolen land of the Multnomah Chinook, Kalapuya and Clackamas peoples.

Resume and references available upon request.

Tryon Life Community Farm, is a community venue for gatherings and educational events of all kinds! www.tryonfarm.org