Three photos of Jenny facilitating

Jenny Leis

Facilitation, Training & Consulting

Helping groups thrive

My Approach
Six tiles that demonstrate how I work with groups: Serious Conversations with Compassion, Interactive Inclusive Design, Anti-Racism Anti-Oppression, Shared Leadership, Reflective Learning, Teambuilding
I bring these elements to everything I do!

Organizations are changing fast and I am thrilled to help groups adapt. Let’s explore real possibilities for meaning, connection and courageous action!

I specialize in consensus decision-making, visual thinking (translating ideas into folk graphics), facilitated reflection, and helping people thrive (even have fun!) as they navigate complex social and interpersonal issues. My teaching style is based in compassion for the hard work of group process, lighthearted silliness, interactive activities and commitment to healthy communication.

I believe that a key element of group work is to become versed in the patterns of oppressive systems and how people both unintentionally reinforce and can intentionally change them. As such, I recognize that I am a white, cis-gender, able-bodied woman on my personal journey of learning, practicing and integrating equity work into everything I do.

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